Connor Meyer Rubinstein – Here at Last, Here at Last !!!


Hello – It’s me. It seems like a lifetime I’ve been waiting for this – no going back now – in fact you will NOT find any earlier (complete) photos of me – anywhere.  After my folks change me, and as soon as I learn to sit up and use these things – I think they’re called fingers, I’ll be updating this site. I may need mom’s help for some of this – but in no time, I’ll be showing her!  Meanwhile I’m counting on both my folks for a LOT of things, like diapers, food and oh, yeah - also forwarding those e-mails !  Here I am just hours old




You can write me:  connor  at   rubinstein dot “info” ‘ not .com or .org without the quotes of course in usual format name@domain.suffix


Here I am with my folks.  In fact you can get the latest info on Connor at – naturally. 

Check back, and give my folks all the support and love you can – I know that I will be !